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Dr Nick Ayland BSc, PhD, Eurlng, CEng, MICE

Nick Ayland  

Nick has 29 years’ experience in the research, design, appraisal and evaluation of sustainable transport systems, strategies and measures, and has previously been a Director of three other transport consultancies.  He has expertise covering many aspects of sustainable transport, which he has built up through work in the UK, Europe and North America. 

Nick’s evaluation and research work has been wide-ranging and has covered attitudinal studies, behavioural research and assessment of traffic and environmental impacts, as well as socio-economic evaluation and cost-benefit analysis.  He is a widely recognised expert on transport demand management, encouraging people to adopt more sustainable travel habits.  His work has covered access control, road user charging, workplace parking levy schemes, and smarter choices measures such as travel plans and mobility management strategies.  As well as carrying out many local and national projects in these areas, he has made significant contributions to national guidance for UK local authorities.

Nick has undertaken an increasing amount of work in the fields of public transport and inclusive mobility in recent years.  This has included passenger transport efficiency reviews, a number of projects concerning concessionary travel, and major research projects on various aspects of meeting the mobility needs of disabled people.  Nick has been an invited expert evaluator and reviewer working for the European Commission on evaluation of projects and proposals, and has also acted as a Decision Maker on concessionary travel appeals for the Secretary of State for Transport.

Dr Nick Ayland