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Nic Greaves BA (Hons)

Nic Greaves  

Nic is an experienced transport professional having worked on a broad range of transport projects with a strong track record working on transport research, road safety and public transport projects amongst others. Nic has worked on and led projects both in the UK and internationally, having recently worked on projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa and New Zealand.

In the UK, Nic has a strong track record advising Local Authorities on their concessionary travel schemes, and advising on operator reimbursement in particular. In addition to this, Nic also administers schemes on behalf of Authorities. To date, Nic has advised Authorities such as Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council, Cheshire County Council, Brighton and Hive City Council, Portsmouth City Council, Plymouth City Council on operator reimbursement, and has also spoken at conferences on the issue of concessionary travel. Other UK based projects include DfT research projects on Blue Badge Administration and a Review of Mobility Services, while Nic also has significant experience helping Local Authorities preparing their Local Transport Plans.

Internationally, Nic has worked on various BRT projects, with a particular focus on social research. Nic has moderated focus groups and analysed their outputs in the Philippines and Nigeria, while he has also carried out pioneering ethnographic research to understand how public transport users behave and how future BRT systems could be designed to meet their needs. Nic has also significant experience carrying out road safety projects having recently carried out a road safety management capacity review in Nigeria.

An excellent communicator, Nic has successfully given presentations to a variety of audiences including conferences, and has led and co-ordinated focus groups, stakeholder consultation and steering group meetings.

Nic Greaves