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Lynsey Harris BA (Hons)

Lynsey Harris  

Lynsey Harris is a Principal Consultant with ITP. She is an enthusiastic, highly articulate and competent consultant, possessing strong report writing and communication skills. Lynsey specialises in travel planning, the development and delivery of smarter choices measures and transport research.

Lynsey has particular experience in developing high quality best practice guidance material. She was part of both project teams that undertook DfT sponsored research into car sharing, car clubs and personal travel planning as a secondary author and produced best practice guidance on these smarter choices measures.

Lynsey has been responsible for the preparation of a number of site specific travel plans in the public and private sectors for both existing and speculative development, including projects with Worcestershire County Council, Northamptonshire Police Force and Warwickshire Police Force. Lynsey has also undertaken a number of commissions to produce bespoke framework travel plans, as an important element of the planning process and planning application submissions for numerous office, industrial and retail developments across the country. In doing so she has developed a solid background in the application of travel plans to workplaces in the future and built up a strong knowledge base on the workings of business travel plans especially. Lynsey also has a sound understanding of the psychological theories and principles that affect behavioural change, especially in relation to transport and travel and can apply these to everyday situations, helping to overcome people’s barriers (perceived and / or actual) and find a practical solution.

Lynsey Harris
Principal Consultant