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Juan Sanclemente BEng, MSc

Juan Sanclemente  

Juan is a Principal Consultant with over 11 years’ experience in traffic and transport advice and planning, policy development and consultancy.

He is a skilled project manager with broad base of project experience in the UK and Colombia, which has enabled him to develop strong technical and analytical skills. His project portfolio in the UK ranges from traffic engineering and urban transport planning to research and analysis, having worked extensively with Transport for London and a number of local authorities.

Juan has undertaken high-level advisory activities in the past two and a half years, having advised the Ministry of Transport of Colombia on transport issues and policy direction. His work in Colombia led, amongst other initiatives, to the approval of a national regulatory act for road user charging and the design of a winning Transit Orientated Development proposal for US$20 million funding to achieve greenhouse gas reductions.

In addition to technical and policy work he has also contributed to the development of corporate business plans through local market research and has assisted Clients such as the World Bank and Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) in Colombia. His ability to engage with multidisciplinary stakeholders has enabled him to advance sector reforms and promote sustainable urban transport.

Juan possesses facilitation skills at all levels and a passionate professional interest in infrastructure, project management and appraisal, funding and financing.
Juan Sanclemente
Principal Consultant