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Ian Stott BA (Hons)

Ian Stott  

Ian has ten years professional experience working for ITP, specialising in mapping and GIS, micro-simulation and accessibility modelling, and graphics and 3D visualisations; all of which build on his strong design background.  He has utilised these skills in projects based all over the world, including the UK, Australia, Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria and the Philippines.

Ian’s cartographic skills have seen him use both GIS and design based packages to create bespoke maps tailored to specific audiences, ranging from cyclists looking for the safest and most efficient route for their commute into work to informing large development planning projects on where congested points of the road network may appear.  He has more recently been heavily involved in the adoption and progression of the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) for developing cities, working in Manila and Mexico City to adopt this open data format.  As part of these projects Ian lead data collection exercises, worked with transit agencies and authorities, and helped develop tools to make collecting and maintaining this data in the future a simpler task.  Both these cities now have GTFS data feeds that can be used by anyone to develop tools (such as route planners) that can aid in the flow of people around these huge and complex networks.

Ian led the development of a micro-simulation model, using the Paramics software to gauge the impact of the redevelopment of the BT complex, commonly referred to as Adastral Park.  The development of this model not only analysed the impact of the redevelopment on local access roads, but as important, the impact of the A12, which is located close to the development site.  Ian developed the base model from numerous site visits to gain essential local knowledge to create a model that calibrated (and validated) to a high level. 

Ian has led a number of accessibility projects for both the public and private sector.  He has been involved in essential annual monitoring reports of access to key facilities for a number of local authorities.  Ian used his accessibility expertise to create an Accession model for a Community Transport Strategy in Noosa, Queensland, showing how a revised bus network could greatly improve public transport accessibility and help encourage people to use more sustainable modes of travel.

As part of ITP’s expanding portfolio of international work Ian has created a number of 3D models and virtual fly throughs demonstrating how Bus Rapid Transit can work in the very busy environments of rapidly expanding cities.  As part of ITP’s work in Cebu, Philippines, Ian used 3D models to demonstrate to local citizens how BRT systems will interact with the existing built environment.  For Lagos, Nigeria, Ian created a number of detailed 3D fly throughs to show how the process of boarding a BRT system would work including the access to the station, purchasing tickets, and boarding and alighting the vehicles.
Ian Stott
Principal Consultant