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Emma Taylor BA(Hons) MSc

Emma Taylor ITP  

Emma Taylor is a Principal Consultant with ITP.  After graduating with an MSc in Spatial Planning, Emma joined Atkins where she specialised for a number of years in development planning, preparing transport assessments, framework travel plans and parking strategies to support a wide range of planning applications.  Emma is continuing her development planning work at ITP, and is a firm believer that to create sustainable developments there is an intrinsic need to integrate land use and transport planning, building appropriate travel options into a development from its inception.

Emma also has extensive experience in the development and delivery of sustainable transport strategies for education establishments, hospitals, workplaces and residential estates.  She has developed and delivered household personal travel planning (PTP) programmes across new residential communities, and engaged with schools and businesses as part of area-wide sustainable travel programmes.  Most recently, Emma has been responsible for evaluation of the impacts and effectiveness of a number of smarter choices and sustainable travel initiatives.

Emma Taylor
Principal Consultant