ITP cycling in Barcelona

David Brenig-Jones MSci (Hons)

David Brenig Jones  

David is expert in the use of data and modelling to plan and optimise public transport systems that meet passenger demand, operator needs and government objectives.  He develops sustainable transport strategies for cities, conducts demand forecasting for major schemes, and works with operators to implement network changes.

Recently David has led teams in Kyiv and Manila to plan the reorganisation of their public transport systems. These proposals range from individual route changes to city-wide mass transit networks.  The optimisation, modernisation and formalisation of services, increases accessibility levels while reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions. David utilises intelligent data collection tools (smartphones) and innovative GIS techniques that allow transport markets in complex cities to be understood in much greater detail.

David is also an experienced transport modeller - he has developed and managed CUBE and VISUM models for cities in East Asia, Africa and Europe. In Cebu, Manila and Ho-Chi-Minh-City David used these models to inform BRT design and appraisal, including passenger forecasts, service planning and economic/financial analysis. These BRT schemes have all since secured funding.

David Brenig-Jones
Principal Consultant