ITP cycling in Barcelona

Colin Brader BA (Hons), MSc, FIHT, MCIT

Colin Brader   Colin Brader is a founder member of ITP and the Transport Planning Society’s 2009Transport Planner of the Year He is known internationally for Bus Rapid Transit development having led studies in Lagos, Accra, Kampala, Cebu, Johannesburg  and Manila. This has included a key role in the implementation of Africa’s first BRT in Lagos. His approach is based on the recognition that transport choice is part of lifestyle choice, transport must be considered holistically and that the answer often lies outside of traditional transport thinking, but most importantly, that transport must be focussed on user needs. He has extensive experience of the management of major projects that have developed policy and identified practical solutions to complex problems both in the UK and overseas. Specialising in public transport and the integration of land use and transport strategy, Colin has provided transport input to many regeneration, land use and master planning projects working alongside planners, architects and economists from scheme conception. His belief in high quality public transport has ensured his involvement in many land mark schemes encompassing both rail and bus based modes. In Hong Kong he has developed a public transport strategy for Central Reclamation project involving rail, ferry, tram, underground and bus.  His role on the steering committee’s of a succession of European projects examining the application of quality public transport across Europe has placed him at the forefront of the application of new approaches and new technologies to meet mode share targets and provide for the needs of the user. Colin is a Fellow of the IHT.
Colin Brader