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Personal Travel Planning

Personal travel planning (PTP) is a technique that delivers information, incentives and motivation directly to individuals to help them voluntarily make sustainable travel choices. Within our portfolio of “Smarter Choices” expertise, we have built a particularly strong reputation for advising and assisting clients with the design, delivery and evaluation of personal travel planning interventions.  

ITP has been at the heart of UK national research on PTP.  We were lead authors for the Department for Transport of the national 'Making Personal Travel Planning Work' best practice guidance and evaluation toolkit.  This was based on extensive case study interviews with leading PTP practitioners worldwide, as well as a comprehensive review and assessment of international best practice.  Jon Parker of ITP was subsequently appointed chair to a specially convened national expert group examining best practice in PTP evaluation.



  • Expert advice on overall PTP programme design
  • Evaluation of PTP initiatives
  • PTP delivery assistance and support


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Project Examples

Making Personal Travel Planning Work - ITP was commissioned by DfT to undertake this major research study that examined the effectiveness of personal travel planning techniques.  The study involved an in-depth literature review, extensive case study interviews with leading practitioners across the world, the convening of an international expert panel, and a world-wide review and assessment of best practice.  At the end of the study, we produced a series of research reports alongside best practice guidelines aimed at those delivering and evaluating PTP.

Metrocentre personal travel planning project – We worked with Capital Shopping Centres (CSC) to enhance their travel plan for the country’s biggest shopping centre through a personal travel planning initiative.  Our work specifically targeted the 28% of staff who travelled to their employment at Newcastle / Gateshead Metrocentre by car despite the raft of measures already included within the site travel plan.  This involved working with CSC staff to develop and pilot a personal travel planning intervention centred on staff arriving by car, and evaluating its effectiveness through before and after surveys.

Evaluation of residential PTP projects in Cambridgeshire - ITP carried out evaluations of the effectiveness of WSP’s PTP+ approach to personalised travel planning at Orchard Park and Kings Hedges in Cambridge.  These ‘light touch’ evaluations provided feedback to Cambridgeshire County Council and its partners on the overall effectiveness of the process and informed modifications to the design of future PTP projects.  The results of the studies indicated that the projects were successful in terms of raising awareness of sustainable travel modes, encouraging participation in the PTP process, increasing the sustainable travel choices made by residents and providing valuable feedback on local infrastructure barriers. 

Evaluation of the Birmingham Pershore Road Travel Choices project - Centro (West Midlands PTE) is implementing a major package of Smarter Choices measures including a large scale personal travel planning (PTP) project which will provide the opportunity for more than 53,000 residents living along the Pershore Road to benefit from sustainable travel support and advice. It is anticipated that this project will help to provide the evidence needed to produce a business case to justify a wider package of Smarter Choices interventions across the West Midlands.  ITP is responsible for independently evaluating the impact of the initiative, tracking any changes in both travel habits and public opinion over time through a seven day longitudinal travel diary survey of 400 households living within 400 metres of the corridor.

Personalised Travel Planning Tender Technical Specification - ITP assisted the Welsh Assembly Government in preparing the tender specification for the their national PTP delivery framework tender. Our work included a review of best practice including key respondent interviews with officers responsible for procurement for PTP at Darlington, Peterborough and Worcester. This was followed by scoping and writing the technical aspects of the tender content.

Adastral Park PTP initiative - As part of our ongoing support to BT’s implementation of ‘Grass Routes’ (the workplace travel plan for BT’s Adastral Park site in Suffolk), ITP was appointed to pilot a workplace PTP initiative with staff at the site. ITP personal travel advisors recruited participants through a segmentation telephone survey among BT staff who had indicated a willingness to participate in the initiative.   We developed personalised information and incentive packs which were tailored to each individual’s home location and personal interests and handed these over in informal one-to-one meetings.  Short term behavioural change was then tracked through re-survey of the pilot participants who had received personalised advice.