Car sharing

Car Sharing and Car Clubs

ITP is a leading player in development and delivery of car sharing and car club schemes, which can play a key role in minimising car use and carbon emissions. We led the major UK national research project for the Department for Transport on the effectiveness of car sharing and car clubs, resulting in the publication of national best practice guidance. We supported the publication of this guidance with several high profile UK and European seminars.

Our experts continue to advise a number of public and private sector clients on how best to develop and deliver effective car sharing and car club schemes. We have developed a deep understanding of the needs of local authorities, employers, developers and scheme operators.  This places us in a unique position to offer the highest quality advice and help deliver the significant benefits that such schemes can bring.



  • Scheme feasibility analyses
  • Business case development
  • Advice on procurement options
  • Scheme delivery frameworks and evaluation
  • Political and managerial support programmes
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Partnership building


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Project Examples

Yorkshire and Humber Region rural car share feasibility study - ITP carried out a study for the Humber Rural Partnership to determine the extent, reach and coverage of existing car sharing schemes in the region, with the aim of assessing their potential for improving access to employment, training and key services for those who live in rural areas. The study involved key respondent interviews, focus groups and surveys of users and non-users, and showed that car sharing has the potential to play a far greater role in transport strategy without the need for vast investment.

Swindon car club feasibility study – We undertook a feasibility study to develop a robust business case for setting up and running a car club that would be used by Swindon Borough Council employees when making business trips. Our report identified additional opportunities and benefits arising from establishing the car club, setting out an action plan for rolling out a car club in Swindon in the short, medium and longer term.

Transport for London car share good practice guide - ITP was commissioned by Transport for London to write a best practice car share guide for businesses, based around a comprehensive review of business performance and case study evidence. The work involved an examination of best practice in the delivery of car share schemes across London, and the production of practical guidance and advice to improve the future performance of car sharing schemes.

Review of formal car sharing and car club schemes in closed communities – We worked with the Department for Transport to research best practice in car sharing and car club schemes in closed communities.  Both car sharing and car clubs provide significant opportunities for reducing single occupancy car use and promoting social inclusion. Our review assessed the effectiveness of current approaches to car share and car club schemes, through a research programme which included an initial desk study, detailed site reviews, and interviews with leading practitioners.  We produced national best practice guidelines for car share and car club schemes, aimed at employers, schools, developers and local authorities.

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire car club feasibility study - ITP carried out a feasibility study for Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council to form a base for establishing and operating a car club in Greater Nottingham.  This included an appraisal of various options for car club delivery, including in-house and out-sourcing.  Alongside this, the study reviewed the likely uptake of the schemes and the potential benefits, costs and savings to the local authorities.