View of rooftops in Amman

An International Consultancy - Middle East

Transport planning in the Middle East requires careful consideration of cultural and social context.  ITP has worked on a number of projects with local partners, always taking the greatest care to ensure that we fully understand and respect the environment in which we’re working.

Al Ain transport study, United Arab Emirates

We worked with Transpo Group on a major study for the UAE Department of Transport. Our particular focus was on the role and appropriate concepts for bus rapid transit (BRT) in Al Ain. This included analysis and interpretation of survey results to develop an appropriate BRT concept, definition of key features of that concept, and outline design.

BRT for Amman, Jordan

ITP worked as an Expert Advisor on the ‘client side’ to support the Greater Amman Municipality in developing and procuring a bus rapid transit system for the city.  This initially involved development of the terms of reference (TOR) for BRT development and design.  Subsequently, we helped supervise the design work and advised on the integration of BRT to achieve wider objectives of accessibility and sustainability to support economic growth.

Road safety strategies for Saudi Arabia

Working with TSTN Ltd, ITP undertook a performance review of the outgoing 5-year road safety strategy for Riyadh.  This was done using pre-determined performance indicators to assess the success of implementation at the grass roots and institutional management level.  We then played a key role in the development of a further fully-costed 5-year strategy that provides realistic and achievable targets.

We also worked with TSTN to review road safety management capacity in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, prior to developing the first ever road safety strategy for that province.  This strategy provided the province with clear short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives for the improvement of road safety and an action plan including engineering, driver training and behaviour, accident analysis, traffic enforcement, publicity and education.