An International Consultancy - Europe

As well as our UK project workload, we also work with other European clients and partners.  ITP has worked within European consortia on pan-European initiatives, as well as in Ireland and Eastern Europe.

Pan-European research on high quality bus services

ITP was a core member of the COST action ‘Buses with a High Level of Service (BHLS)’, which was a four year initiative covering 14 European countries.  It analysed the strengths and weaknesses of 35 high quality bus and BRT schemes and developed recommendations on good practice approaches, tools and indicators.

Romanian transport and climate change

ITP was commissioned to provide expert advice to the Romanian Government on behalf of World Bank on how best to integrate climate change mitigation and adaptation measures into their national transport plans and programmes, in accordance with EU agreements.  We undertook in-country missions to understand local constraints as well as reviewing a wide range of applicable experience from other countries, before producing a ‘Rapid Assessment Sectoral Analysis Report’.

Following on, we modelled the climate change mitigation impacts of alternative transport scenarios in Romania.  This involved developing and utilising a strategic multi-modal emission model and developing marginal abatement cost (MAC) curves to inform the definition of preferred scenarios that could be pursued with different levels of funding availability.

In a separate strand of work, we were appointed by the World Bank to act as an expert reviewer of various drafts of the Romanian national General Transport Master Plan (GTMP).  This formed part of World Bank’s agreement to provide support to the Romanian Ministry of Transport to help improve long term transport planning.

Sustainable transport in Ireland

We worked with Dublin City Council to prepare their ‘Smarter Travel Area’ bid to central government for Drimnagh, a Dublin suburb.  We identified and costed appropriate smarter choices measures for the area selected, setting targets for mode shift and related outcomes.  We also undertook an appraisal of economic and health impacts and CO2 reductions, developed a marketing and communications strategy, and provided advice on community engagement.