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An International Consultancy - Africa

ITP’s work in Africa goes back to company inception, when we undertook two transport projects in South Africa.  Since that time, we have built up an impressive project portfolio, working in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Congo.

Getting Lagos moving

ITP was initially appointed by the World Bank and Lagos Area Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMATA) to carry out a bus rapid transit (BRT) feasibility study in Lagos, Nigeria – a conurbation of some 19 million people.  This involved:

In the middle of the feasibility study a presentation to the Lagos steering group resulted in the realisation that the implementation on a 25km stretch of the target corridor was readily achievable. Finance was secured and ITP was given a second commission by LAMATA to move that part of the corridor rapidly through detailed design to implementation.  We worked intensively in partnership with the client to design and oversee implementation and the “BRT Lite” system became operational in October 2007, some 11 months after a decision to implement.  This was the first BRT system to be successfully implemented on the African continent.

Since that time, we have continued to work with LAMATA and other agencies to further develop the BRT network and improve the overall public transport system.  This has included a number of projects, including:

Transport planning in Ghana

We have completed a number of projects in Ghana, looking at different aspects of the transport system to help bring economic, social and environmental improvements.  This has included:

BRT for Kampala

ITP was commissioned to define the long term conceptual design of a BRT system for the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area in Uganda. This included the production of a corridor forecasting and appraisal model, the development of a BRT concept for application in Kampala, investigation and development of an institutional and regulatory structure to support BRT, and financial and socio-economic evaluation of the BRT concept. Our study report defined a long term vision with specific actions to be implemented in the short term.

Improving Addis Ababa

We have undertaken two projects in the Ethiopian capital.  In 2011 ITP was appointed to review existing transport policy and strategy in Addis Ababa and assist AFD (the French overseas development agency) in establishing a programme of public transport improvement to include BRT. This included writing the terms of reference for a BRT feasibility study.  This was followed in 2014 by a World Bank commission to provide an expert review of the transport aspects of the city’s urban masterplan, identifying potential areas for attention and providing support to a local team to implement recommended improvements.

Bus operations in the Congo

ITP undertook an in-country investigation into the potential for the re-introduction of organised bus operations in the Congolese cities of Brazzaville and Pointe Noire.  The review included consideration of the current nature of public transport operations and the opportunities and challenges of reintroduction of organised operations.  We developed proposals on the scale of operations required to serve the observed transport needs.